SHRI shantilal dodiya


THERMO’s Machinery gets you into production immediately

Thermo Industries was started in 1958 by our dynamic founder Shri Shantilal Dodia. Raising capital from internal sources, Shantilal went to Italy to learn of the very new process of Jewellery – Investment Casting. The process of making multiple perfect copies of a jewellery master. However, the process was stubbornly reliant on expensive Italian components and consumables that had to be imported at great cost and risk to Indian manufacturers. Fixed and Variable costs shot through the roof with these imported materials.

Shantilal, with the peculiar genius and diligence that is the forte of the Indian community, understood in detail the challenges of sustainable jewellery manufacturing even then. He drew up never seen before, blueprints of the process machinery which worked under Indian conditions, were safe, reliable, durable and hugely profitable for the local as well as export oriented jewellery manufacturer.

Every Manufacturer who uses Thermo’s Machinery attests to it’s Simplicity, Ease of Operation and it’s low maintenance costs.

“GET ME PRODUCTION NOW” – Shri Shantilal Dodiya

​Shantilal’s motto became Thermo’s vision for the jewellery machinery industry. With a singular focus on the needs of jewellery manufacturer’s we have risen to power 75% of the jewellery manufacturers in the medium and small enterprise category.


Jewellery Machinery that is simple, full-proof  to operate helps train craftsmen faster, better and more effectively.

Cost Effectiveness

Designed with Indian realities, the karigar system, power fluctuations and cost of consumables in mind, Thermo’s Machinery is by far the most cost effective to own, operate and produce from.


Least downtime, easy replacability of consumables, simplicity of repair and upkeep are the hall marks of Thermo’s Jewellery machinery.